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Want to Lose Weight?


This has been the wish of practically everyone at some point in their lives. How often is "just lose a few extra pounds" on our New Year's Resolution list?  Maybe we even start eating healthier and with all good intentions start the latest "fad" diet. But it always seems to be tough going and we fall back into our daily routine and put back those lost pounds...and a few more.

Dieting and Weight Loss have become million-dollar industries and one of the most googled subjects on the Internet. Fact is, being overweight is not only unhealthy, it can become outright dangerous. It is also something that creeps up on us over the years and we seem to always put it down to "getting older".

Obesity is now formally a "disease" and one of the killers in our modern society. It can cause many of the killer diseases such as heart attacks, seizures, cancer and Alzheimers. A study in the USA declared 45% of the population as obese and the trend is upwards.

The main problem is our modern society. We nourish ourselves more and more with processed foods and in fast-foods restaurants. These contain so many ingredients that are simply not good for our bodies. So what can we do?


Dieting is complicated. There are hundreds of different types all claiming to be the latest and the greatest. Carbs, fat, protein, calories, sugars are proposed in various volumes in various foods with promises of the lean and perfect body we all dream of. We are supposed to change the way eat but the world around us hasn't changed.

So what is the solution? John Travolta once explained how he sometimes has to prepare for various movie roles. It is claimed he said, "when I have to lose weight for a part I eat half-portions and when I have to gain weight I eat double-portions". Seems to make a lot of sense.

What he was really doing was cutting calories or increasing calories based on the time-old theory that weight loss (or weight gain) is simply based on "calories in versus calories out". This seems to work for some people on the presumption that they really do only eat half of the full plate in front of them. However, science has now proven that this simple concept has flaws.


Looking back over the past few thousand years, mankind actually never had access to processed foods and fast foods. Apparently, mankind seemed to survive without them. What did they eat then? Obviously, the things that the soil or the hunter provided. Fresh vegetables and fruits and unprocessed meats supplemented with eggs and various dairy products (milk and cheese). No pizzas, no hamburgers. no fries!

In some cases, and at various times of the year, things got a bit thin and people had to do without. In fact, in the animal kingdom, this is more common than not. Many species have longer periods when they have to go without food altogether until the source becomes available again. They fast!

So what happens to our bodies if we had to go without food for any longer period? This is called "fasting" and has been something mankind has practiced for thousands of years, either because there was no food available or because of their faith. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus all have fasting periods at various times of the year. Science has now advanced to the point where it can measure in great detail what happens to the body when we eat less.

On the page The Science we show examples of the established science and studies that answer this question, however, the short answer is this. Normally, our bodies are programmed to constantly process the food we ingest and provide our cells with energy they then burn. This is an ever ongoing process and is impacted by the things we eat. Therefore, the body is processing all the junk and unhealthy food we provide it with and turns most of it into sugar that our cells can burn. Any excess sugar is then turned into fat and stored, mainly around the waistline. This creates a very unhealthy environment that our bodies have to deal with.

When we stop eating, our body takes the time to reverse this negative process and starts to repair some of the damage the has been done. Our cells start to burn fat instead of sugar and begin to rid our bodies of the extra fat and the many toxins that have been accumulating.


The SpeedFast Plan is a simple path to a leaner, healthier body. It is a simple way to get the unhealthy fat off your body fast and to keep it off. It doesn't require any calorie counting, keeping track of your weight, watching everything you eat or any extreme sports activities. It is based on a way to revitalize your body that has been practiced for thousands of years. It does require determination and a discipline to keep on the plan but it's easy to incorporate within your normal daily routine. It has three phases: firstly a stage of preparation which can last one or two weeks, secondly a boosting stage of three to four weeks where most fat is lost and lastly the maintenance stage where you incorporate a simple routine for your daily life. Click here to get your copy of The Beginner's Guide

Make sure you take a look at the other pages on this website entitled Ketosis and Autophagy in order to fully understand the power of The SpeedFast Plan. This is not just weight loss but a change in lifestyle.


The SpeedFast Plan

offers ALL these benefits:

  • Eliminates dangerous fat
  • Complete weight control
  • Improves cardio health
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves cholesterol
  • Decreases blood sugars
  • Slows aging (autophagy)
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Protects against diseases
  • Increases growth regulation
  • Alzheimers protection
  • Improves skin collagen
  • Eliminates diabetes 2
  • Protects against cancer
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Controls your appetite
  • Reveals your six-pack
  • Provides muscle definition
  • Gives you back confidence
  • Costs absolutely nothing
  • Saves you money!

The SpeedFasting Plan

The problem we always face with any weight-loss or dieting program is it is not easy to follow and it never lasts. We always seem to put back what we lose, and more, after the diet is over. So the question arises: Is there a weight loss program that works effectively and quickly which doesn't require calorie counting and extreme changes to our diets?

The answer is simply: YES! It is called SpeedFasting and incorporates a method that has been around for thousands of years and can show significant results in weeks not months.

Not only that, it forces the body to start regenerating itself and repairing some of the damage that excess fat has and can cause. It can then transition into a program that is totally simple to maintain and builds on the first successes one experiences with the SpeedFast Plan.

This Plan is incorporated in a new book available on Amazon and is a must read for everyone who is really serious about burning off excess fat and regaining perfect health.

Click here for your copy


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